Continuum Insights GUI Software Suite for Multi-Processor Systems

Continuum Insights™ is a suite of GUI-based software tools designed to ease and optimize the development of application software for embedded, multi-processor computing systems. With support for systems with 100 or more Intel® or Power Architecture™ cores, developers gain access to unprecedented levels of information in regards to operational status and inter-processor interactions in an easy to use and navigate GUI format. 

This advanced suite includes development tools for:

  • Event analysis
  • System monitoring
  • System management
  • Network fabric analysis 

Continuum Insights is based on the Eclipse Development and Application Framework, and provides developers of complex multi-processor-based computer systems with the information they need to accurately tune their system and speed their time to market.

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CHAMP-AV4/VME-416 6U VME Quad Power Architecture MPC7448 Digital Signal Processor Card

The CHAMP-AV4 is the third generation of quad NXP (formerly Freescale) Power Architecture DSP board with the QuadFlow architecture providing high bandwidth connections between four 7447A/7448...

CHAMP-AV6/VPX6-460 6U OpenVPX Quad Power Architecture MPC8641D Digital Signal Processor Card

The CHAMP-AV6 Quad DSP engine utilizes the 6U VPX-REDI format to unleash the tremendous I/O bandwidth of its eight NXP (formerly Freescale) Power Architecture MPC8640 processor cores (four 8640D...

CHAMP-AV8/VPX6-462 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7 3rd Gen Digital Signal Processor Card

The CHAMP-AV8 6U OpenVPX digital signal processor (DSP) combines the floating-point performance of the latest 3rd generation Intel Core processors with the substantial bandwidth and system-enabling...

CHAMP-AV9/VPX6-463 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7 4th Gen Digital Signal Processor Card

The CHAMP-AV9 combines the floating point performance of the Intel Core i7 processors, with the substantial bandwidth and system-enabling features of the 6U OpenVPX form-factor. Providing a pair of...

CHAMP-FX2/VPX6-470 6U VPX Xilinx Virtex-5 and NXP MPC8641D Digital Signal Processor Card

Utilizing a 6U VPX-REDI form factor, the CHAMP-FX2 FPGA-based computing platform harnesses the tremendous computing power of two Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, combined with the high-performance...

VPX6-185 6U VPX SBC with Dual NXP Power Architecture 8640 Processors

The VPX6-185 NXP (formerly Freescale) Power Architecture Single Board Computer (SBC) is one of a family of modules to employ the open-architecture VPX (VITA 46 VPX and VITA 65 OpenVPX) standards....

VPX6-1957 6U VPX Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge SBC

The VPX6-1957 is a rugged, high performance 6U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC) based on the Gen3 Intel Core i7 processor. The VPX6-1957 is fully-featured 6U OpenVPX SBC, designed for harsh...

VPX6-6902 6U OpenVPX Serial RapidIO and Ethernet Switch

The VPX6-6902 is a combined management, control and dataplane switch for small, mid-size and large 6U VPX systems. Supporting a centralized switch architecture in both star and dual-star...


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