Aircraft rely heavily on air data computers (ADC) to provide airspeed and altitude parameters that are essential to safe and efficient operation. High accuracy data is especially important for high altitude flight where the difference between stall speed and the critical Mach number is much lower. Rotorcraft experience some unique phenomena because of rotor downwash which can affect the accuracy of pressure measurements, particularly in take-off, landing and in the hover. Rotorcraft fleets also often consist of different aircraft and this can create additional logistics overheads as air data units must be separately calibrated for each aircraft type.

High accuracy, low drift sensors can be used to provide pilots and autopilots with the information they need to travel at high altitudes safer. The effects of rotor downwash can be alleviated with mechanical dampening which effectively filters the pneumatic noise in air pressure although this approach adds weight, takes space and increases the maintenance burden on the operator. Multiple aircraft can be fitted with identical ADCs as long as each ADC is capable of holding multiple sets of configuration data to match the target platform.

Curtiss-Wright has developed technologies within its ADC product line to address these needs. High accuracy vibrating cylinders are available to provide stable data for high altitude applications while digital filtering technology mitigate rotor downwash effects. The needs of diverse fleets are simplified with a single unit being usable on up to 15 different platforms through a simple pin-out selection. Aircraft benefit with safer high altitude flight, weight savings and lower spares inventory which eases logistics and maintenance burdens.

  Product Name Form Factor Accuracy Software Configurable Classification Other
ESCADU Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit (ADU) ESCADU Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit Stand-alone High Yes Primary Stores up to 15 seperate aircraft configurations
ADCM Air Data Computer Module ADCM Air Data Computer Module Custom module V. High Yes Primary Uses low drift sensors
CCADTS-2 Computer Controlled Air Data Test Set CCADTS-2 Computer Controlled Air Data Test Set Stand-alone V. High Yes Test Calibrates cockpit instruments in situ

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