In a world of ever increasing bandwidth and complexity, signal processing applications frequently require recording, playback and/or analysis of data in real-time. Curtiss-Wright Data Recorders include video recorders, rack mount recorders, and application-specific recorders. These subsystem solutions include COTS subsystems from laboratory development to rugged deployment systems. Depending on your program requirements, Curtiss-Wright also provides custom program specific system design, integration, and training. Curtiss-Wright also offers complementary rugged data storage products utilizing solid state and rotating media for use with our Data Recorder subsystems.

The proliferation of sensors in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) applications has led to a tremendous amount of data being produced. This is especially true in the defense & aerospace industry. Data recording and playback systems provide valuable capabilities in ISR applications. These systems can be used in design verification, instrumentation and deployed data capture applications.

Rugged Data Recorders

Curtiss-Wright offers flexible, scalable, rugged data recording systems ideally suited for today’s applications where data is being gathered in extreme temperature, shock, vibration and high endurance environments. More>

  • Flexible I/O including Serial FPDP, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Customer Defined
  • Scalable Storage using Flash Storage Modules (FSM-C) up to 8 TB
  • Data Encryption Option
Video Recorders

Video Recorders

Rugged video recorders designed for surveillance cameras, radar, moving maps, and network distribution in all video formats. More>

  • Compact, light weight solutions
  • Rugged, reliable recording for harsh environments
  • From boards to all-in-one systems
  • Switching, scaling and windowing capabilities
Rackmount Data Recorders

Rackmount Data Recorders

High speed GbE, 10 GbE, and sFPDP data recorders with playback in COTS or application specific packaging for defense & aerospace applications More>

  • Multi-channel synchronized recorder
  • sDFDP, Ethernet and 10GbE support
  • Modular, scalable recording
  • Different form factors avialable
Quick Access Recorders

Quick Access Recorders

Curtiss-Wright offers highly compact and lightweight quick access recorders for use in several aerospace applications. More>

  • COTS storage media
  • Highly rugged with MIL-SPEC qualifications
  • Simple to configure
  • Compact and lightweight
Multi-role Recorders

Multi-role Recorders

A family of rugged multi-role recorders with integrated data acquisition catering to diverse application requirements. Based on open standards, these network native recorders allow immediate access to your data. More>

  • Proven, extensive range of data acquisition modules for SSR-500 range
  • Integrated Ethernet recording
  • Built-in audio encoding and GPS receiver
  • Ethernet output for real-time data monitoring
Application Specific Recorders

Application Specific Recorders

Reduce program risk and improve your time to market with application ready recorder solutions designed based on customer requirements More>

  • Hardware building blocks that reduce program risk and improve your time to market
  • Flexible storage options based on program requirements
  • Single or Dual RAID controllers -High performance and scalability
  • Supports various RAID levels - For use in almost any application

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