Parvus DuraNET 3000 Ruggedized Cisco IE-3000 L2/L3 Ethernet Switch, 8x/16x/24x 10/100 + 2x GigE Ports

The Parvus DuraNET® 3000 is a ruggedized version of Cisco Systems’ IE-3000 industrial Ethernet switch, specifically hardened for use in demanding civil / military IP networking technology refresh applications. This fully managed network switch delivers the security, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), high availability, and manageability that customers expect from Cisco IOS-based switching technology, including optional Layer 3 IP routing services. Designed with mechanical enhancements to support deployment of data, video, and voice services in extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, and exposure to dust, water, and EMI/EMC environments, the unit requires no active cooling, is completely sealed against dust/water, and provides proven MIL-DTL-38999 connector interfaces (including a variant with a fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet uplink).

Leveraging the modular nature of the Cisco IE-3000 platform, Parvus’ DuraNET 3000 subsystem comes in several configurations to flexibly scale Ethernet port density from ten (10) to eighteen (18) or twenty-six (26) Ethernet ports. This enables customers to match size, weight, and power (SWaP), along with cost and functional requirements to program needs. Suitable for ground vehicle and aircraft installations, the DuraNET 3000 features MIL-STD-1275 / 704 transient protection and MIL-STD-461F filtering, and is qualified to meet MIL-STD-810G / DO-160G environmental conditions.

With software built on the Cisco IOS Catalyst architecture, the DuraNET 3000 offers ease of use and can be configured and managed using a web-based GUI Cisco Device Manager, plus network management tools like Cisco Network Assistant and CiscoWorks. The Layer 2 version features a specialized Catalyst 2960-based LAN Base Image, whereas the Layer 3 version offers a Catalyst 3750-based IP services image with a Layer 3 feature set. The Layer 3 switch supports high performance routing features, such as static, InterVLAN routing, dynamic routing protocols, multicast and IPv6 routing. Security features include port security, layer 2 to layer 4 access list, enhanced identity-based networking with 802.1x, network admission control, DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guard, private VLANs, and others. These features help protect network from unauthorized users, prevent denial of service attacks and ensure that sensitive information is protected.

  • Downloads
  • Cisco Technology
    • Ruggedized Version of Cisco IE-3000 Industrial Ethernet Switch with Best-in- Class Layer 2 LAN IOS or Layer 3 IP Services IOS Software
    • Optional Integrated IE-3000 Switch Expansion Module(s) to Scale Port Density from 10 to 26 Ethernet Ports to Meet Application Requirements
  • Ruggedization
    • Qualified to meet MIL-STD-810G/DO-160G Shock, Vibration, Thermal
    • -40 to +71C Fanless Extended Temp Operation with No Moving Parts
    • Rugged, Aluminum Chassis Sealed Against Water, Dust, and EMI
    • Internal Structural Support and Component Potting for Shock/Vibe Resistance
    • Circular MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors for Reliable Network Connections
    • Filtered, Transient-Protected Power Supply for MIL Aircraft / Vehicle Use (per MIL-STD-1275D / MIL-STD-704F)
    • Conformal Coated Boards for Humidity and Tin-Whisker Mitigation
  • Interfaces
    • 2x GbE Uplink Ports + 8x / 16x / 24x Fast Ethernet Ports (NET-3000-11-01 Variant Provides 1x Copper and 1x Fiber Optic GbE Interfaces + 8x 10/100 Ports)
    • RS-232 Serial Console
  • IOS Management
    • Cisco IOS® with Data, Video, and Voice Service Features for Security, QoS, and High Availability: TCP, UDP, Telnet, IGMP, IP, RADIUS, SNMP, RMON, DHCP, HTTPS, VLAN, Cisco Network Assistant, Cisco CLI over Serial, Cisco Device Manager over Web Browser
    • Layer 3 IP Services (Optional) Support Inter-VLAN Routing, Advanced Routing Protocols, i.e. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Static Routing, VRF Lite, Multicast Routing, etc.
  • Redundancy/Quality of Service
    • QoS Classification/Prioritization of Mission-Critical Data
    • Link Aggregation (LACP) and FlexLinks for Quick Recovery
    • Cisco Hot Standby Router, RSTP/MSTP Spanning Tree Protocol Fault Tolerance
    • IEEE-1588v2 Precision Time Protocol for Nano-Second Precision


Ordering Information

Part Numbers Description
NET-3000-10   DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 8x 10/100, Layer2 IOS
NET-3000-11 DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 8x 10/100, Layer3 IOS 
NET-3000-11-01 DuraNET 3000 Switch, 1x Cu GigE, 1x Optical GigE, 8x 10/100, L3 IOS 
CBL-2253-01   Starter Cableset for NET-3000-10/11, MIL-38999 to RJ-45 
CBL-2253-04 Starter Cableset for NET-3000-11-01, MIL-38999 to RJ-45/LC Fiber Optics 
NET-3000-12   DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 16x 10/100, Layer2 IOS 
NET-3000-13   DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 16x 10/100, Layer3 IOS 
CBL-2253-02  Starter Cableset for NET-3000-12/13, MIL-38999 to RJ-45 
NET-3000-14  DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 24x 10/100, Layer2 IOS 
NET-3000-15   DuraNET 3000 Switch, 2x GigE, 24x 10/100, Layer3 IOS 
CBL-2253-03  Starter Cableset for NET-3000-14/15, MIL-38999 to RJ-45 


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