OpenHPEC Commercial Development System

The OpenHPEC Commercial Development System (CDS) from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions enables you to rapidly kick start your software and system design for next-generation Aerospace and Defense applications. With the new generation of rugged OpenVPX modules built on multi-core Intel Central Processing Units (CPUs), Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), radars, cognitive electronic warfare (EW) and C4ISR systems have morphed into deployable supercomputers. To support these High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems, embedded software developers need more capable tools than traditional trace analysis tools, Eclipse Debugger or even simple “printf” statements used in embedded software development. Our OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite brings development tools from the supercomputing world with the goal of providing you a turnkey development system that gives you the best out-of-box-experience possible while improving your time-to-deployment. These tools include a cluster manager, debugger, profiler, and communication and vector math libraries. 

The fully self-contained rack-mount OpenHPEC Commercial Development System (CDS) uniquely combines a scalable high performance system environment with configurations ranging in size from 1U to 20U and is fully compatible with our industry leading OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite. The completely customizable OpenHPEC CDS development system provides software and system integrators with a robust lab environment hardware platform that delivers near 100% compatibility to our 3U and 6U OpenVPX CHAMP Xeon-D boards products. Curtiss-Wright’s CHAMP-XD1 and CHAMP-XD2 boards are based on the industrial class Intel Xeon processor D-1539 processors, while the OpenHPEC CDS nodes are based on commercial grade Intel Xeon processor D-1540 processors. 

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Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • Self contained
  • Software reuse
  • License transferable
  • Tested and qualified
  • Available in four to eight weeks
  • Upgradable



  • Radar processing
  • Image processing
  • Signal processing
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Mission computing
  • Industrial server applications
CHAMP-XD1/VPX3-482 3U VPX Intel Xeon D DSP Processor Card

CHAMP-XD1/VPX3-482 3U VPX Intel Xeon D DSP Processor Card

The 3U OpenVPX CHAMP-XD1 (VPX3-482) rugged digital signal processor (DSP) engine module is designed for use in very compute-intensive Industrial, Aerospace & Defense applications, enabling...

CHAMP-XD2 6U VPX Intel Xeon D DSP Processor Card

CHAMP-XD2 6U VPX Intel Xeon D DSP Processor Card

The 6U OpenVPX CHAMP-XD2 rugged DSP engine module is designed for use in very compute-intensive Industrial, Aerospace and Defense applications, enabling developers of High Performance Embedded...

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite

A proven, fast, standards-based way to build embedded applications  With the new generation of multi-core CPUs and GPUs as building blocks, embedded systems have become even more...

OpenHPEC Math Libraries

OpenHPEC Math Libraries

The OpenHPEC Math Libraries are a key component of Curtiss-Wright’s OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite of best-in-class software development tools. These tools speed, simplify and lower the cost of...


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