Curtiss-Wright’s Multi-Platform Mission Computer (MPMC) product family consists of fully integrated computing subsystems ready for deployment. MPMC products are Packaged Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) systems comprised of VPX, VMEbus or CompactPCI (cPCI) backplanes housed in rugged chassis fully pre-configured with power supplies and high- performance Curtiss-Wright computing boards offering a wide range of I/O. MPMC Systems offer the unprecedented processing power and standard interfaces required by modern mission computers.

MPMC Systems deliver off-the-shelf system solutions to speed deployment of critical applications for size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained platforms such as combat vehicles, helicopters and UAVs. Packaged in rugged enclosures, MPMC Systems are designed to meet the harsh environments of military and aerospace computing applications including temperature extremes, altitude, voltage spikes, shock, vibration, and more.

P/XMC System Features

  • COTS or Modified COTS rugged conduction-cooled systems
    • 1 to 7 slots
    • VPX, VME, or cPCI backplanes
    • MIL-C-38999 connectors and Mighty Mouse (Series 80)
  • Light weight
    • <5 lbs fully populated
  • Power supply
    • 50W to 800W
  • Processing
    • Power Architecture
    • Intel
    • ARM
  • I/O
    • Graphics and Video
    • MIL-STD-1553
    • Canbus
    • ARINC 429
  Product Name Form Factor Applications Standard Size Platforms Processor/FPGA(s) # of Slots I/O Type Cooling Type
MPMC-9105 2-slot XMC Mission Computer MPMC-9105 2-slot XMC Mission Computer System, Mezzanine Vehicle Management, Radar Processing, Airborne Surveillance, Mission Management, Image Processing, Fire Control, Display Processor Packaged, XMC < 160 in3 Rotorcraft, Naval, Manned Fixed Wing, Ground Intel Core i7 3rd Generation 2 EIA-232/EIA-422, ARINC 429, MilCAN-A, MIL-STD-1553, Video, USB, GPIO, Gigabit Ethernet Conduction
MPMC-902x 2-slot P/XMC Mission Computer MPMC-902x 2-slot P/XMC Mission Computer Mezzanine, System Mission Management, Image Processing, Flight Control, Display Processor, Vehicle Management Packaged, PMC, XMC < 160 in3 Rotorcraft, Naval, Unmanned, Manned Fixed Wing, Ground 2 Conduction

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