AVDU-1626 Mission Display

Designed for compact, lightweight applications, this video display features picture-in-picture (PIP), video freeze frame and video zoom for aerial surveillance applications. The AVDU-1626/7 6" rugged multi-function VGA display is a split box display that separates the LCD and video processing electronics into 2 boxes, allowing the display head to be installed into smaller spaces. Please see the relevant datasheet for details.

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Key Features

  • Very high brightness, high contrast display
  • Multiple Video and VGA inputs
  • NVG option
  • Picture-in-picture feature
  • Video freeze frame & digital video zoom
  • Full dimming
  • Touch-screen interface option
  • Used in military and para-military applications world-wide
  • Optional heater for very cold operating limits
  • Rugged and well proven in harsh environments
AVDU Mission Displays

AVDU Mission Displays

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AVDU-2650 Mission Display

AVDU-2650 Mission Display

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AVDU-2655 Mission Display

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AVDU-5008 Mission Display

AVDU-5008 Mission Display

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Mission Display

AVDU-5008-EP Mission Display

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