Video Management System (VMS)

A Curtiss-Wright Video Management System (VMS) offers a complete integrated video solution for airborne and ground platforms. A VMS includes rugged displays, video distribution and recording equipment that is scalable, highly interoperable and easy to install and reconfigure. The Video Management System has been successfully fielded in a wide range of demanding applications, including SAR and border patrol operations. In the UK, London's Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit relies on the VMS. In Australia, airborne surveillance units deploy the VMS on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The VMS fully integrates all mission video equipment, allowing the operator to display any video channel at any time on any display, have complete control over connected video recorders including live playback and changing the channel being recorded, touchscreen control over connected moving maps or PC equipment and also the ability to change channels going to any downlink/uplink equipment.

The system can consist of multiple mission displays such as the AVDU4300 17.3" widescreen mission display ideal for mounting in an operator console, or the smaller AVDU2600 10.4" display suited to mounting in the space constrained front cockpit. The Video Management System can include a combination of various different video recorders including the VRDV-5004 HD video recorder, and there is typically a video distribution unit at the heart of any VMS, including the digital HD VDSU-1420 capable of switching 10 HD inputs to any of the 8 HD outputs and/or the analog VDSU-1407 video distribution system. The VMS is compatible with all common video standards including HD-SDI, VGA and composite. It is completely scalable and can be customized to customer requirements from our range of products for the ultimate mission video surveillance suite. Watch our video of the VMS or learn more about Video Management Systems for further details.

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A Video Management System is customized to individual customer requirements and can be made up of almost any combination of displays, video recorders and distribution unit. For further information, please contact your local area Sales Manager.

AVDU-1626 Mission Display

AVDU-1626 Mission Display

Designed for compact, lightweight applications, this video display features picture-in-picture (PIP), video freeze frame and video zoom for aerial surveillance applications. The AVDU-1626/7 6"...

AVDU-2650 Mission Display

AVDU-2650 Mission Display

Typically the AVDU-2650 10.4" Rugged Mission Display is used in conjunction with multi-sensor FLIR cameras, moving maps and video recorder/s where the control over signal input, moving map...

AVDU-3824 Mission Display

AVDU-3824 Mission Display

The AVDU-3824 15" mission display with 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution, offers users a wide variety of functionality with multiple video inputs.  Using the standard equipped soft keys, the user...

AVDU-5008 Mission Display

AVDU-5008 Mission Display

Designed specifically for use with the new range of HD EO cameras available for aerial surveillance, the Skyquest AVDU-5008 20" widescreen HD rugged LCD mission display offers industry leading...

VDSU-1407 Video Distribution Unit

VDSU-1407 Video Distribution Unit

The VDSU-1407 comprehensive video conversion and distribution units was designed to simplify the routing of multiple video and VGA signals on surveillance aircraft. Typically, the video...

VDSU-1420 HD Video Distribution Unit

VDSU-1420 HD Video Distribution Unit

The VDSU-1420 high-definition video distribution unit easily integrates into the Curtiss-Wright video management system solutions product line. With the use of HD-SDI signals from airborne EO...

VRD1-AC (air-cooled) All-in-one Video Solution

VRD1-AC All-in-one Video Solution

The VRD1-AC is a breakthrough in video management that permits scalable and flexible video configurations in a 19" rack. The VRD1-AC video management system offers an unbeatable combination of...

VRD1-CC (conduction-cooled) All-in-One Video System

VRD1-CC All-in-One Video System

The VRD1-CC video management system is a fully HD-capable turnkey solution for video format conversion, scaling and switching. These functions are complemented by video compression, recording and...


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