Video Management System Ancillary Products

To complement our range of displays, video recorders and video distribution units, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions offers ancillary products that can bring additional capabilities to a video management system.

PANL-1588 Keyboard

Curtiss-Wright offers a rugged, back lit solution for users who require a keyboard and mouse to operate on-board computers and moving map systems. When connected to a Curtiss-Wright display, this QWERTY keyboard, via an IUPC interface unit, will automatically control the computer/map being viewed. Various language layouts are available.

Video Converters

A range of video converters are available to convert various video formats. Current converters include:

CUGV-1050 This unit is used to convert an RGBHV (VGA) input to a composite output and a channel of RGsB input to a composite output.

RAIU-2000  This is a specific converter for the Telephonics RDR1500 radar, taking the output and converting it to standard VGA for use in an AVDU series display.


Interface Units

In order to interface various control commands from the displays to connected third party equipment such as digital moving maps or PCs, we offer interface units to put these commands onto the Remote Bus that links all Curtiss-Wright video management units together.


This is an interface unit for up to three PCs connected to the system via USB. This allows keyboard and mouse commands to be sent to the appropriate PC, as selected via the display.


This is also an interface for up to three PCs connected to the system via USB, but allows touch screen commands from the connected displays in the system to communicate with the PC. (Please note that the PC must have appropriate drivers, and Curtiss-Wright will require the appropriate touch screen protocol).

Recorder and Display Remote Controls

We can provide various remote control panels for both displays and recorders, where space is an issue or where another user needs control but may not be able to access the primary unit.


A video recorder remote control panel, primarily used with the VRDV-3000 recorder. The unit replicates all the controls that are available on the recorder itself. It has the same dimensions as the VRDV-3000 in height and width, but is significantly reduced in depth. The units are linked using the remote bus, and can be mounted using the Dzus fixings into any cockpit or operator console.


The PANL-2019 is a remote control panel used with Curtiss-Wright video switches, recorders and displays. It includes front-panel push buttons with individual illumination and a two-line 16-character backlit LCD. This unit is Dzus-mounted and connects to the controlled units using a shared remote bus.


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AVDU-2650 Mission Display

AVDU-2650 Mission Display

Typically the AVDU-2650 10.4" Rugged Mission Display is used in conjunction with multi-sensor FLIR cameras, moving maps and video recorder/s where the control over signal input, moving map...

VADU-9110 Video Distribution Unit

VADU-9110 Video Distribution Unit

The VADU-9110 is designed as a simple video distribution unit for smaller systems having limited mission equipment interface requirements, as opposed to a VMS. With a 32x32 channel matrix...

VDSU-1407 Video Distribution Unit

VDSU-1407 Video Distribution Unit

The VDSU-1407 comprehensive video conversion and distribution units was designed to simplify the routing of multiple video and VGA signals on surveillance aircraft. Typically, the video...

VRDV-4000 & VRDV-4010 Video Recorder

VRDV-4000 & VRDV-4010 Video Recorder

The VRDV-4000 is a lightweight, DZUS mounted video recorder utilizing the latest FLASH disk recording technology to deliver high quality, full PAL video resolution recording. The VRDV-4010 rugged...

VRDV-5004 HD DZUS CompactFlash

VRDV-5004 HD DZUS CompactFlash

The VRDV-5004-01 is a compact, lightweight, high definition video recorder. It features a unique CompactFlash-based design with playback during flight. The VRDV-5004-01 video recorder offers a...


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