Aerospace applications need good data and operators need to know they can trust the systems that provide it. Designing, testing and installing systems can take significant amounts of time and these may then be unattended for long periods without checks to ensure flawless data gathering.

Keeping risk low means using systems with proven data reliably. Collaborating with a partner that has the range of system components, a wide range of compatible products and organizational agility to cater for your requirements eases design and installation.

Curtiss-Wright is the largest rugged data acquisition provider in the world and has been producing systems for decades. Deploying such systems means less risk of losing data, having to repeat a flight or losing weeks or compromising the integrity of a maintenance program and suffering the schedule and finical costs. Further time is saved with faster and more flexible installation with wireless and remote mountable modules and the ability to quickly meet changing requirements. Around the clock pre- and post-sales support ensures help is there if you need it.

Data Acquisition Chassis

Data Acquisition Chassis

Curtiss-Wright’s data acquisition units (DAU) are airborne acquisition and transmission systems that utilize chassis with a standard backplane that accepts over 100+ user selected modules. More>

  • 2-13 User-slot Chassis
  • Includes housing, backplane and power supply
  • 16-bit Address/data bus with read/write control lines
Axon - Miniature Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

Axon - Miniature Data Acquisition Unit

Curtiss-Wright’s Axon data acquisition units (DAU) is an ultra-compact airborne acquisition and transmission system. More>

  • 1-16 User-slot Chassis
  • Includes housing, backplane and power supply
  • Compact low power design
Data Acquisition Modules

Data Acquisition Modules

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition units (DAUs) utilize modules to create custom systems using COTS elements. Modules are added to a chassis in whatever combination is desired. More>

  • Easily modify or upgrade your system by replacing modules
  • Commercial off-the-shelf flexible design with over 100 plug-in modules
  • Can be used in any combination in any order
Data Acquisition Accessories

Data Acquisition Accessories

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition accessories consist of products that support the data acquisition, recording and networking range. These offerings are augmented through established global partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure customers always benefit from optimum system performance. More>

  • Range of additional products to build more complete systems
  • Cables, connectors and tools

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