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The ACD/BAC/007 is an electroless nickel-plated, aluminum alloy backshell for use with KAD module double-density mating connectors. The ACD/BAC/007 is supplied with two NAS captive 4-40 UNC socket head cap bolts (NAS1352N0410), two plain washers, two crinkle washers, two bent strain relief clamps (ACD/CMP/003/00), one straight strain relief clamp (ACD/CMP/004/00), four captive M2 x 8 stainless steel socket head cap bolts, and two M2 x 6 stainless steel socket head cap bolts for the strain relief clamps.

The ACD/BAC/007 is suitable for cables up to 11.5 mm in diameter.

Key Features

  • For use with KAD (double-density) mating connectors
  • 180-degree termination
  • Rugged design which envelopes connector shell in housing
  • Split assembly with captive bolts for improved cable installation and removal
  • National Aerospace Standard (NAS) A-286 high strength alloy captive bolts with a 3/32 socket HEX



  • Use with cables and standard issue mating connectors
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