ACD/CJB/005 Cold junction block for KAD/ADC/136 - 7 channels

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ACD/CJB/005 Cold junction block for KAD/ADC/136 - 7 channels
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The ACD/CJB/005 is designed to be used with the KAD/ADC/005 and is used to terminate up to 7 thermocouples at a measured temperature.


  • Supports seven thermocouples
  • One built-in PT100 sensor (typical accuracy of ±0.1°C)


  • Use to connect thermocouples to KAD/ADC/136 modules
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ACD/CJB/005 Cold junction block for KAD/ADC/136 - 7 channels

The ACD/CJB/005 cold junction block is an optional accessory for the KAD/ADC/136. Designed for mounting on a KAD/ADC/136, it is used to terminate up to seven thermocouples.

The ACD/CJB/005 comprises a Double-Density (DD) CON/KAD/012 connector and a straight-through ACD/BAC/002/B backshell.

The CON/KAD/012 includes one built-in PT100 sensor, which is used by the KAD/ADC/136 for reference junction compensation. This sensor connects to channel 0 of a KAD/ADC/136, allowing the other seven channels to be set to any mode (for example, thermocouple mode, full-bridge mode, or ICP mode).


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