Bridge Balancer 3

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Bridge Balancer 3 is used to automatically balance/null up to thousands of bridge outputs acquired using a distributed Acra KAM-500 architecture.

Balancing the signal before it reaches the instrumentation amplifier allows the maximum gain to be used in the signal conditioning channel. Acra KAM-500 modules such as the KAD/ADC/109, KAD/ADC/114, and KAD/ADC/118 support this feature.

Bridge Balancer 3 has a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) in which datum values are assigned to selected parameters from a system configuration file (XidML).

Bridge Balancer 3 can be launched as a stand-alone tool (if installed as stand-alone) or called from the DAS Studio 3 Tools menu.

Key Features

  • Automatically balances/nulls Acra KAM-500 signals
  • Supports balancing via Ethernet (iNET-X and IENA)
  • Supports Ethernet backplane controllers belonging to KAD/BCU/105 and KAD/BCU/140 families (Acra KAM-500 Ethernet programming interface)
  • Fully XidML 3.0 compliant
  • Stores balance targets, results, and corrections in XidML


  • Automated balancing/nulling of bridge signals
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Bridge Balancer 3

Download Data Sheet