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Product Sheet
Product Sheet

Quicklook is a software tool for real-time visualization and analysis of FTI data.

Key Features

  • Configurable data displays with drag and drop user interface
  • Customizable display screens
  • IENA placed and iNET-X (XidML 3.0.0 only) decommutation support
  • XidML 2.41 and 3.0.0 compatible
  • Supports packetizers for ARINC-429, CAN, MIL-STD-1553, and TTP (XidML 3.0.0 only)


  • Visualization of real-time data
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Quicklook is a software tool for real-time visualization and analysis of FTI data. It is a data view package for single users, intended primarily for lab-bench or pre-flight testing. It allows data to be viewed on user-defined displays using an independent output format for each parameter viewed.

Quicklook is included as part of the DAS Studio 3 and KSM/STE/002 suite of software tools. Quicklook reads XidML 2.41 files generated by kSetup and XidML 3.0.0 files generated by DAS Studio 3.

The Quicklook toolset includes high-fidelity strip charts with threshold checking. Display styles include dials, strip charts, graphs, and numbers. Quicklook is designed for data analysis and processing in real-time. Quicklook is a subset of the IADS software suite.


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