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Key Features

  • Configurable data displays with drag and drop user interface
  • Customizable display screens
  • IENA placed and iNET-X (XidML 3.0.0 only) decommutation support
  • XidML 2.41 and 3.0.0 compatible
  • Supports packetizers for ARINC-429, CAN, MIL-STD-1553, and TTP (XidML 3.0.0 only)


  • Visualization of real-time data
DAS Studio 3 Setup software for DAUs, network switches, recorders and ground stations

DAS Studio 3 Setup software for DAUs, network switches, recorders and ground stations

Setting up data acquisition systems can take a lot of time and effort, particularly as many systems today are growing larger and larger. Managing thousands of channels of data over dozens of data...

IADS-RTSTATION is a complete real-time and post-test display and analysis software suite.

IADS RTStation

IADS-RTSTATION is a complete real-time and post-test display and analysis software suite and is scalable from a laptop to a large workgroup through its client/server software architecture....

AXN/BCU/402 Axon Backplane Controller

AXN/BCU/402 Axon Backplane Controller

The AXN/BCU/402 is a dual-port full-duplex, Gigabit Ethernet, Axon AXN backplane controller, packet programmer and an IPv4 data packets transmitter. The Axon backplane controller supports...

Acra KAM-500 chassis - 13 user-slots (extended temperature)

KAM/CHS/13U Acra KAM-500 chassis - 13 Slots

The KAM/CHS/13U/ET is a thirteen user-slot Acra KAM-500 chassis, which along with the housing and backplane, includes a power supply module which regulates power supplies for the backplane...

NET/REC/001 Ethernet Network Recorder (CompactFlash)

NET/REC/001 Ethernet Network Recorder (CompactFlash)

The NET/REC/001 is a stand-alone Ethernet network recorder. Incoming Ethernet frames are written to a CompactFlash card using a FAT32 file system.   The NET/REC/001 can be configured via...

NET/SWI/101 Ethernet Switch

NET/SWI/101 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The NET/SWI/101 is an 8-port airborne Ethernet switch designed for operating in harsh environments. Each port is configurable for 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseT link speeds or auto-negotiate...


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Quicklook is a software tool for real-time visualization and analysis. It is a data view package for single users, intended primarily for lab-bench or pre-flight testing. It allows data to be viewed on user defined displays using an independent output format for each parameter viewed.

Quicklook is included as part of the DAS Studio 3 and KSM/STE/002 suite of software tools. Quicklook reads XidML 2.41 files generated by kSetup and XidML 3.0.0 files generated by DAS Studio 3.

The Quicklook toolset includes high-fidelity strip charts with threshold checking. Display styles include dials, strip charts, graphs and numbers. Quicklook is designed for data analysis and processing in real-time. Quicklook is a subset of the IADS software suite.

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