Wireless Data Acquisition Evaluation Kit

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New Wireless Data Acquisition Evaluation Kit - Introductory Offer
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The Wireless Data Acquisition evaluation kit is an all-in-one solution to get started with wireless sensor acquisition. Supplied in this kit is all that is needed to program a wireless sensor network, acquire data from the network and integrate it into an Acra KAM-500 data acquisition network or use as a stand-alone solution.Included in the kit is an Acra KAM-500 chassis (KAM/CHS/03U), an Ethernet backplane controller (KAD/BCU/140), an evaluation wireless data acquisition module (KAM/WSI/104), and two wireless sensor nodes. The KAD/BCU/140 supports IENA and iNET-X transmissions and PTP time synchronization. The included KAM/WSI/104 can be used in conjunction with the KAD/BCU/140 to acquire data from the wireless nodes for transmission in Ethernet packets to a recorder or a PCM transmitter.

The two off-the-shelf wireless sensor nodes from LORD MicroStrain use the LXRS protocol to ensure coherent data is acquired. The V-Link is a versatile seven-channel analog, wireless sensor node with high sample rates and data logging capability. The G-Link is a low-cost integrated accelerometer node with ±10 g measurement range and various sampling options.

All the nodes are configured using the supplied Node Commander software. This Windows application is designed specifically for LORD LXRS wireless products and configures all wireless nodes and starts acquisition from the remote nodes. The Acra KAM-500 data acquisition network, including the KAD/BCU/140 and KAM/WSI/104 are configured using the supplied DAS Studio 3 software.

Key Features

  • A complete wireless evaluation kit
  • Acquires data from LORD MicroStrain wireless sensor nodes
  • Kit includes:
    • KAM chassis
    • Ethernet controller
    • Wireless data acquisition module
    • Two LXRS wireless sensor nodes


  • Wireless data acquisition evaluation and deployment
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Wireless Data Acquisition Evaluation Kit

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