KAD/ADC/132 24-channel ±200V voltage ladder ADC

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The KAD/ADC/132 is used to condition and digitize up to 24 voltage ladder analog channels. At the heart of the KAD/ADC/132 is a hard-wired state machine that over-samples all channels at a rate between 48 ksps and 96 ksps and digitally filters any noise above the user-programmable cutoff frequency.

This is achieved using cascaded, half-band, Finite-Impulse-Response (FIR) filters followed by an 8th order Butterworth IIR filter with a default cutoff point set at one-quarter of the sampling frequency (fc = fs/4). All signals are sampled simultaneously. Thus, when several channels are sampled at different sampling rates, at the start of an acquisition cycle all channels will be aligned. Please contact us using the support tab below for further details.


  • 24 voltage ladder input channels (25 terminals)
  • High common mode voltage (up to ±200V)
  • Simultaneous sampling 16-bit A/D for each channel
  • High accuracy (up to 0.02% FSR typical)
  • Input range up to ±10V per channel
  • Programmable input range per channel
  • 8th order Butterworth filter with programmable cutoff frequency per channel
  • Up to 12K samples per second per channel
  • Up to 3kHz bandwidth


  • Voltage measurement in ladder configuration
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KAD/ADC/132 24-channel ±200V voltage ladder ADC

Download Data Sheet