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The KAD/ADC/136 is used to condition and digitize up to eight analog channels. Each channel can be configured for use in differential-ended or single-ended voltage measurement, ICP sensor, RTD sensor, thermocouple, full-bridge, half-bridge, or potentiometer mode.
The KAD/ADC/136 provides programmable current or voltage excitation per channel up to 10.2V and 30mA. For each thermocouple channel, it is necessary to select the Junction Compensation Channel setting. Internally, the KAD/ADC/136 performs linearization for RTD and thermocouple modes.

At the heart of the KAD/ADC/136 is a hard-wired state machine that oversamples all channels at a rate between 100 ksps and 200 ksps and digitally filters any noise above the user-programmable cutoff frequency. This is achieved using cascaded, half-band FIR filters. If IIR filtering mode is selected, the last digital filter in the filtering chain is an 8th order Butterworth IIR filter. There are two independently configurable output streams per channel, allowing different sample rate, cutoff, and filter type to be selected for each output stream. All signals are sampled simultaneously. When several channels are sampled at different sampling rates, at the start of an acquisition cycle all channels are aligned.


  • Eight flexible channels that can be used for full or half-bridge, potentiometer, single-ended, differential ended, Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (ICP), Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD, for example PT100), or thermocouples
  • Simultaneous sampling 16-bit A/D for each channel
  • High accuracy (up to 0.02% Full-Scale Range [FSR] typical)
  • Programmable primary gain per channel (1, 2, 4… 256)
  • Programmable input range per channel (up to ±10V)
  • Programmable balance current per channel
  • Programmable classic shunt per channel (100kΩ)
  • Programmable current or voltage excitation per channel
  • Short-to-ground on any channel does not affect others
  • Completion resistors for ½-bridge configuration
  • Two independently configurable output streams per channel
  • 15-tap Finite Input Response (FIR) Kaiser window or 8th
  • order Butterworth Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter
  • configurable per each channel output stream
  • Up to 50K samples per second per channel
  • Up to 12.5kHz bandwidth


  • Analog signal Acquisition
  • Differential Ended
  • SE
  • Full Bridge
  • Half Bridge
  • Potentiometer
  • RTD
  • ICP
  • Accelerometer
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