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The KAD/TDC/102 is used to condition and digitize up to fifteen thermocouple channels and three channels of module junction temperature. Each thermocouple channel can be configured separately for use with a wide range of thermocouple types.  

Together, the KAD/TDC/102 and the CON/KAD/010 connector use the preconfigured module junction temperature channels 0 and 2, to perform linearization and cold junction compensation for each thermocouple channel.  At the heart of the KAD/TDC/102 is a hard-wired state machine that oversamples all channels at a rate up to 50 ksps and digitally filters any noise above the user-programmable cutoff frequency.  

This is achieved using cascaded, half-band, Finite-Impulse-Response (FIR) filters followed by an 8th order Butterworth Infinite-Impulse-Response (IIR) filter with a default cutoff point set at one-quarter of the sampling frequency (fc = fs/4).   All signals are sampled simultaneously. When several channels are sampled at different sampling rates, at the start of an acquisition cycle, all channels are aligned.


  • 15 cold junction thermocouple (T/C) input channels
  • Supports Type K, B, C, E, J, N, R, S, T Thermocouples, and Others
  • High Accuracy (±0.5°C typical)
  • Junction block temperature measurement
  • Programmable T/C type (per module)
  • Digital reference junction compensation
  • 8th order Butterworth filter with programmable cutoff frequency per channel
  • Supports grounded and isolated T/Cs
  • External, third party cold junction blocks with PT100
  • sensors can be used if required
  • Up to 250Hz bandwidth
  • Up to 1k samples per second (sps) per channel


  • Temperature measurements with thermocouples
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