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Together the KAD/TDC/107 and the ACD/CJB/002 are used to digitize up to 12 thermocouple channels and 3 channels of module junction temperature.  

The module junction temperature is a signal indicating the temperature of the ACD/CJB/002; the temperature is measured by PT100 sensors, which are built into the ACD/CJB/002. 

Each compensation block signal is digitized and put to 2 x 65536 point linearization tables. One table is used to produce a compensation value to add to the other 12 channels (this table is thermocouple type-specific) and the other table is used to scale the compensation block temperature between -55°C and +125°C. 

Thermocouple channels are sampled and then scaled to the voltage range, which covers the selected temperature range for the chosen thermocouple type. The junction offset is removed from each of the thermocouple channels. Finally, each thermocouple channel voltage is linearized to engineering units using a 65536 point linearization table specific to the thermocouple type and range selected.


  • 12 isolated thermocouple input channels and compensation block (ADC/CJB/002) measurement
  • Ordering input range (±100mV) with digital reference junction compensation and programmable thermocouple type per module, includes cold junction block (ADC/CJB/002)
  • Accuracy (0.55°C typical for K-type in -50 to 150°C range; 1.1°C typical outside this range)
  • Short on any channel does not affect others
  • 16-bit simultaneous sampling on each channel
  • Up to 4 Hz bandwidth
  • Up to 8 samples per second (sps) per channel


  • Temperature measurements with isolated thermocouples
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