KAD/EBM/103 Parser for ARINC-429

flight test and monitoring family header
KAD/EBM/103 Parser for ARINC-429
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The KAD/EBM/103 is designed to accept 100BASE-TX Ethernet traffic, then parse it and distribute it to other KAM-500 modules.


  • Monitors a single 100BaseTx IEEE 802.3 standard compatible Ethernet interface
  • Coherently parses up to 1024 Rockwell Collins NDO within the ARINC-664P7 payload
  • Stores ARINC-429 messages corresponding to matched ARINC-NDO headers in a Current Value Table (CVT)
  • Features valid and error frame counters


  • Monitoring and recording of ARINC-429 traffic transmitted over Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics System LAN (ASL)
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KAD/EBM/103 Parser for ARINC-429

The KAD/EBM/103 is designed to accept 100BASE-TX Ethernet traffic, then parse it and distribute it to other Acra KAM-500 modules. The KAD/EBM/103 parses A664P7 traffic on the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion ASL. This traffic consists of Ethernet packets, wrapping a variable number of NDOs, each associated with a 32-bit NDO-header identifier value consisting of a 24-bit NDO-ID and an 8-bit NDO-Source. The module specifically captures ARINC-NDOs wrapping ARINC-429 format 32-bit messages.

The KAD/EBM/103 filters traffic using the A664P7 frame headers to select frames that contain ARINC-NDO messages. Up to 1,024 unique ARINC-NDO headers can then be identified within the ARINC-NDO payload based on the related NDO-header identifiers. The corresponding messages are stored in a CVT and tagged with time stamps.


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