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The KAD/BCU/101 functions as two modules in one; an encoder and a backplane controller. The encoder is functionally identical to the KAD/ENC/005 and encodes data from any Acra KAM-500 module in an IRIG-106 Chapter 4 PCM stream.

Parameters to be transmitted are stored in pre-defined locations in RAM. Each parameter has a word definition that includes the bits per word, Most Significant Bit (MSB) (sent first or last), and parity. The encoder has differential-ended RS-422 outputs for clock and data, along with buffered TTL outputs for NRZ-L and the bit/word/minor-frame/major-frame pulses.

Up to 15 formats (instruction sequences), can be stored at any time. Format selection is via four single-ended discrete (0-5V) input pins on the I/O (Input/Output) connector. As up to 64 chassis can be programmed using a single programming link, there are also six discrete I/O pins to set a chassis number. These six inputs are pulled to ground internally if left open circuit.


  • Encoder
    • 100% IRIG-106 compliant
    • Fully programmable
    • Up to 10 PCM codes at up to 20 Mbps
    • 5 to 250k words per major frame
    • 5 to 32k words per minor frame
    • 4 to 64 bits per word, with even, odd, or no parity
    • Supports any sync word and sub-frame strategy
    • ARINC-573/717 compatible output
  • Controller
    • Stores up to 15 formats
    • Supports dynamic format switching
    • Can operate as a master or slave chassis in distributed systems
    • Supports fast programming
    • Supports Cyclical Redundancy Checking (CRC) insertion at the end of minor frames


  • PCM encoding
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