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The KAD/DAC/001 can be used to output up to eight single-ended waveforms, and provide up to 16 discrete output indications.

The module is able to take any parameter from the backplane and, using a user-defined lookup table, map that parameter to the output voltage range of the analog output channel. A different map can be used for each of the eight analog channels.

Each of the discrete outputs can be set to a logic high or low based on a combination of input words. The input words are passed through a user-defined mapping function, which produces a single bit output. A typical example would be a max-min. window function to determine if a parameter lies in a defined range.

The outputs from the mapping functions can be either logically ANDed or ORed together, and inverted if required, in order to control the discrete output.


  • Eight single-ended (S/E) analog output channels (±10V)
  • 0.25% (FSR) total error from all sources for analog output
  • Lookup tables to map input parameter to analog output
  • 16 S/E discrete output channel (Buffered TTL)
  • Combinatorial logic can be used to map multiple parameters to a single discrete output
  • Outputs are short-circuit protected (indefinite to ground)


  • Output a voltage waveform based on backplane parameters, for example for a strip recorder
  • Provide discrete outputs based on backplane parameters, for example memory status
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