KAM/BIT/101 Continuous Built-in Self Test module (CBIT)

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  • Provide up to 120 window functions (limit checking); up to 32 parameters can be sent to each window function
  • Monitors voltage, temperature, format running and address checksum
  • Counts number of power-ons and total time powered on
  • 4 x 3 types of status output (TTL, LED and doll’s eyes)
  • Selected errors transmitted in First In First Out (FIFO) with optional time tagging and via RS-422


  • System monitoring
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The KAM/BIT/101 is a Continuous Built-In Test module (CBIT) which checks the Acra KAM-500 backplane to verify correct system operation.

The KAM/BIT/101 measures the precise value of the ±12V, ±7V, and +5V power lines to ensure they are within specifications. Temperature sensors are located at the top block and the center of the module to allow the measurement of both the chassis top block temperature and the chassis internal temperature.

The KAM/BIT/101 checks that the current acquisition cycle is a valid format, measures the duration of each acquisition cycle, and performs a checksum of all addresses transferred on the backplane to ensure the correct operation of the current format.

The KAM/BIT/101 can be used to check both analog signal conditioning modules and bus monitor modules in a chassis. Channels on analog signal conditioning modules are checked to confirm that the signal stays within a minimum and maximum value. The KAM/BIT/101 can check the status register from each bus monitor module in the chassis to indicate when an error occurs.

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