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The KAD/MAT/101 allows you to run your own programs based on a dual-core C6000DSP+ARM9 microcontroller. It provides high-performance DSP functions in a widely used architecture. You can develop C-based programs using a standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The KAD/MAT/101 offers the functionality of a modern microcontroller and DSP and it facilitates access to the backplane so you can read parameters from and/or write results to other modules. These features allow you to perform a range of complex and computing-intensive real-time operations (such as Fast Fourier Transforms [FFT]) to any of the parameters available on the backplane.

DSP programming is facilitated by the use of a C674x DSP library. This library includes C-callable, general-purpose signal-processing routines that are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) comprises of a suite of tools used to develop and debug user applications and includes many other features such as a source code editor, compiler, debugger, profiler, and simulator.

When using the KAD/MAT/101, the user object code is developed using the Texas Instruments (TI) tool set on a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) running on a Windows operating system. The resulting binary file can be downloaded to the KAD/MAT/101 without the need for additional equipment or third-party software.


  • Computing module using industry-standard C674x Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • User-programmable microcontroller with embedded DSP
  • 256K, 16-bit parameter input, and result samples per acquisition cycle
  • Object code can be downloaded directly via standard Curtiss-Wright tools
  • Coherent data at two or three calculation cycles latency


  • Creation of bespoke flight test applications
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