KAM/MEM/103 CompactFlash Memory Module

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KAM/MEM/103 CompactFlash Memory Module
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The KAM/MEM/103 is a memory card interface that supports logging to CompactFlash removable memory cards.


  • Supports removable solid-state memory cards
  • Removable CompactFlash media (supports Type I and II)
  • CompactFlash media: can be read with USB card-reader or PCMCIA adapter
  • Programmable event size
  • Designed to support high-speed CompactFlash cards up to 128 GB
  • Logs data at up to 2 Msps


  • Stand-alone data logging
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KAM/MEM/103 CompactFlash Memory Module

The KAM/MEM/103 is a memory card interface which supports logging to CompactFlash removable memory cards. The KAM/MEM/103 is designed to be used with a wide range of CompactFlash cards. As higher density CompactFlash cards become available, they are approved by Curtiss-Wright for use with this module. The KAM/MEM/103 can store data on a CompactFlash Card from any combination of data sources in an Acra KAM-500 system. Data storage can be triggered by a combination of discrete bits and analog signal levels. To read or erase the data, remove the card and read it using a standard off-the-shelf CompactFlash card reader. Software tools are available from Curtiss-Wright and third-party vendors to read recorded data. 

The KAM/MEM/103 is designed for applications where stand-alone logging of data is required, that is, without the need for a separate data recorder. A Status register is available to be transmitted via an output module, to monitor errors, logging conditions and capacity remaining. This can be useful as a pre-test checkout capability. The KAM/MEM/103 has a knurled head captive screw for fastening/unfastening the data acquisition unit lid by hand or with tools. 


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