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The KAD/ENC/106 is used to encode data from any KAM-500 module in an IRIG-106 Ch.4 PCM stream. Multiple KAD/ENC/106 modules can be included in a KAM-500 system and parameters can be sent to some or all encoders. In particular, a system can have four encoders at different codes, data rates, word lengths and frame lengths. The only restriction is that an integral number of major frames be transmitted per acquisition cycle.

Parameters to be transmitted are stored in predefined locations in RAM. Each parameter has a word definition which includes the location in RAM, bits per word, MSB sent first/last and parity. This definition controls the RAM reader and the parallel-to-serial converter. The KAD/ENC/106 has differential ended RS-422 outputs for data and clock along with buffered TTL outputs for NRZ-L, DATA, DCLK, word, minor-frame and major-frame pulses. The KAD/ENC/106 also has a programmable premodulation filtered analog output which is suitable for use with a linear FM transmitter for telemetry. The cutoff frequency and amplitude can be changed to suit the bit-rate and transmitters deviation sensitivity.


  • Sixth order linear phase (Bessel) PMF with a programmable cutoff from 175 kHz to 6 MHz and output voltage from ±0.5Vp to ±5Vp
  • Up to 10 PCM codes at up to 20 Mbps
  • 2 to 250K words per major frame and 4 to 8K words per minor frame
  • 5 to 64 bits and parity (odd/even/none) programmable word by word
  • Supports any sync word and sub-frame strategy


  • RF transmission of PCM streams
  • Encode data in IRIG-106 Ch.4 PCM stream
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