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The AXN/CBM/402 is an eight-channel CAN bus monitor, which combines the capabilities of a coherent message parser with theflexibility of a packetizer on a single module.

Each channel can be configured to acknowledge valid message reception; for example to allow monitoring a bus which has only a single device connected.

The parser coherently parses up to 127 messages per bus and their associated time and status tags. As a message is read, a parser information word indicates the status of the data—a stale bit indicates that the message was read before and a skipped bit indicates the buffer was overwritten prior to being read. The timestamp records the microsecond time of start-of-frame bit indication. Message counters count how many messages are received on each bus and of each parsed type. The packetized contents can be assembled into Ethernet frames on the module.

The AXN/CBM/402 packetizer can generate either a single packet stream per input bus or packetize messages from all the active busses into a single packet stream. In either case, a programmable timeout ensures that smaller packets are generated even during periods of low activity on the bus, thereby allowing real-time analysis and processing of acquired messages. When there is no traffic, no packets are generated. Optionally, the message stream can be filtered such that only certain messages are captured and packetized.

The report word has bits indicating that an error occurred and on which bus it occurred.


  • Eight Controller Area Network (CAN) bus interfaces
  • CAN bus 2.0 A/B and CAN FD compatible
  • Compatible with ARINC-825 and CANaerospace
  • Up to 127 complete messages can be parsed per bus
  • Programmable bit-rate per bus
  • Aperiodic transmission of packetized CAN bus messages including tags as IRIG-106 Chapter 10 payload per channel
  • Individual channel or instrument-wide packetization


  • CAN bus parser/packetizer
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