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The AXN/EXT/401 is an extender card, which allows a module contained in an Axonite (AXN/ITE/01U) remote housing to connect to an Axon chassis. Axonites allow modules to be separated from the chassis by up to 10 meters using a simple housing. This provides an ultra-compact remote node using any off-the-shelf Axon module that helps to reduce cabling weight, improve heat dissipation in hot locations and increase installation flexibility.


  • Connects modules contained in AXN/ITE/01U remote housing to Axon chassis backplane
  • Provides power to modules contained in AXN/ITE/01U remote housing
  • Modules can be located up to 10 m from Axon chassis
  • Connects to one AXN/ITE/01U


  • Flight test instrumentation systems for limited spaces
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