nRTM4048 Network Thermocouple Conditioner/Multiplexer

Data Acquisition
nRTM4048 Network Thermocouple Conditioner/Multiplexer
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The nRTM-4048 is a network-based 48-channel thermocouple conditioner/multiplexer unit.

Key Features

  • Network-based 48-channel thermocouple encoding unit
  • Includes Fast Ethernet 100BASE-T port for:
    • acquisition setup and configuration
    • SNMP status and control
    • acquisition data transport
    • time synchronization using IEEE 1588 time
  • Uses three (3) internal card assembly types:
    • PPC-2048 overhead card: Controls internal channel sampling and interfaces with the network
    • TCD-4048 16-channel thermocouple conditioning card (3 each are included): Provides thermocouple conditioning, electronic cold junction compensation, and real-time thermocouple linearization
    • PSU-2048 power supply: Accepts 28VDC aircraft power and provides multiple internal regulated outputs; provides ground isolation between 28V input, chassis and signal grounds.
  • True real-time thermocouple linearization
  • Compatible with types J, K, T, E, C and S (N Dash 2)
    • Programmable on a per-channel basis
    • Mixed types in the same unit
  • Programmable measurement range
    • User selects zero-scale and full-scale temperatures. Range is “zoomed” accordingly. Up to 4x “zoom” (>1/4 of full TC range)
  • Programmable open TC detection for nongrounded thermocouples
  • ±0.3% system accuracy
  • +28VDC operation, ±35VDC overvoltage protection


  • Distributed data acquisition systems
  • Remote temperature measurement
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nRTM4048 Network Thermocouple Conditioner/Multiplexer

The nRTM-4048 is a network-based 48-channel thermocouple conditioner/multiplexer unit. The nRTM-4048 unit accepts direct input thermocouple wiring, provides electronic cold junction compensation, real-time data linearization, and compatibility with ANSI thermocouple types J, K, T, E C and S (N Dash 2), all within a single enclosure. Thermocouple data is digitized up to 16-bit resolution. Channel sample sequence and conditioning parameters are programmed and controlled by the unit’s overhead card, which is user-programmable via the network interface using TTCWare. 

Data acquired and encoded by the nRTM-4048 is formatted as a data packet for output over the network bus using NPD data packet format. The nRTM-4048 is a ruggedized, fixed-volume enclosure suitable for use in harsh environments and over a wide temperature range. Thermocouple wiring uses high-reliability D-subminiature-style connectors. All network interface signals use standard 9-pin D-subminiature-style connectors. Input power uses a circular military-style connector.


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