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The RCX-205 card provides two (2) additional CAIS Bus expansion ports for a CDAU/EDAU-20XX Master Unit. One or more RCX-205 cards can be in a CDAU/EDAU-20XX chassis allowing the user to build extremely large distributed data acquisition systems (large in terms of the total number of channels as well as the physical separation among units). The card can also be used to develop a “star arrangement” (central master unit with multiple remote units on the “spurs”). This results in command/response redundancy and therefore greater reliability in critical applications such as multistage vehicles and helicopters.

Key Features

  • Remote CAIS expansion card
  • Provides 2 additional CAIS Bus expansion ports for the CDAU-20XX
  • Compatible with Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU-20XX
  • “Star Configurable”
  • Operation to 5 MBPS
  • Virtually unlimited expansion
    • 2 ports at 60 remote units per port
  • Single-point system programming
  • Multiple RCX-205’s in a single unit
  • Microsoft® Windows® application software included


  • CAIS applications
  • Distributed systems
  • Multi-stage vehicles
  • Enhanced reliability and redundancy
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Download Data Sheet