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The CDAU-20XX is a CAIS-compatible data acquisition unit (DAU) for interfacing with a variety of analog/digital sensors and sources. The system is configurable to handle various types of data via plug-in cards. The CDAU-20XX supports operation as either a stand-alone unit, a master controller unit, or a remote slave unit.


  • CAIS Compatible
  • Remote DAU, Avionics DAU or CAIS Bus Controller Configurations
  • Bus Control and Data Acquisition in a Single Enclosure
  • Plug-in Overhead and Signal Conditioning Cards
  • 4-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-slot Versions
  • Small and Large Distributed System Capability
  • Programmable Operation
    • Up to 8 PCM Formats
    • Up to 128,000 Words each Format
    • Programmable Signal Conditioning
    • 417 KSPS Operation (up to 5 MBPS)
    • Over 2,000 Bit Rate Settings
    • 12 or 16 BPW Resolution
  • System Audit and BIT Capability
    • Special (Custom) Capability
  • Full Support Software Package
    • Single-point System Programming
    • Standard Serial RS-232/422 Interface
    • Includes Software
    • Integrated Ground Support Options



  • Avionics DAU (CDAU-2012)
  • Flight Test Instrumentation
  • Air/Land vehicle test, certification, or development
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