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The BLS-148 is a plug-in bi-level multiplexer card for use in Curtiss-Wright's EDAU-20XX and CDAU-20XX products. The card is intended for applications that require detection of logic levels, switch status, or other “on/off” signal types. Threshold levels are user-programmable to accommodate a wide range of inputs. 

Bi-level data is encoded as four (4) 12-bit data words or one (1) 47-bit word (user-programmable) for transmission in the system PCM output format. The card has 3 data trigger/latch modes and the capability for timestamping discrete data inputs. These features result in a high-performance discrete card for interfacing with a wide variety of digital subsystems.

Key Features

  • 48 channels per card
  • Programmable input threshold +10V to -10V on a word basis
  • Programmable floating input detect “0”/“1” on a word basis
  • Programmable input trigger modes
    • Sample-based on PCM format
    • Sample-based on bit trigger
    • Group sample based on bit trigger
    • External trigger


  • Computers I/F via parallel digital I/O
  • Monitor BCD-compatible equipment
  • I/F with parallel time code
  • Switch/relay status monitoring
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Download Data Sheet