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The FPD-104B-3 is a 4-channel frequency and period counter card for use in Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU/CDAU/WDAU-20XX series products. The card is capable of providing the current value of the period of a sinusoidal signal of engine fuel flow, or RPM sensors. Each card channel can accept an analog differential input, differential digital (RS-422) input, or single-ended digital input. In addition, each channel is configurable in the frequency counter mode, in the average period counter mode, or in the accumulator counter mode.

The 24- bit channel data is encoded into data words for transmission in the system PCM output format. Groups of input channels are formatted as words in the PCM output format. In addition, the FPD-104B-3 provides backup capability for the accumulator mode. The unit will retain the accumulator data when power is lost.

Key Features

  • 4-channel conditioner card
  • Software programmable operating modes
    • Frequency mode
    • Period mode
    • Accumulator mode with roll-over
  • 9-bit to 24-bit resolution, software programmable
  • Front-end flexibility and compatibility
    • Selectable AC or DC coupling
    • Inductive style pickups
    • Digital (TTL) inputs
  • Back-up capability for accumulator mode
  • Compatible with EDAU/CDAU/WDAU-20XX systems
  • Microsoft Windows application software included


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Factory automation and process control
  • Research measurements and experiments
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