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The MGRC-102W is a 2-channel automatic gain ranging module for use in Curtiss-Wright’s MEDAU/MCDAU products. The module provides constant voltage excitation and conditioning for 4-arm bridge inputs, simultaneous sample capability, calibration, programmable gain, and presample filtering with 4 programmable cutoff frequencies. The data is digitized at up to 12-bit resolution and, along with four bits of gain and status information, is transmitted in the system PCM output format. The average of the absolute value of the signal is also available for transmission in the PCM output.

Additional Features

  • Average of absolute value of waveform
  • Zero and voltage substitution cal
  • 1,000 Megohms input impedance
  • ±35VDC overvoltage protection
  • Microsoft® Windows® application software included


  • 2 channels per module
  • High speed, for use in systems operating up to 1.25 MSPS
  • Fixed gain, auto gain range, or down only gain range modes
    • Dynamic gain adjustment
    • Provides max signal resolution
  • Simultaneous or sequential sampling capability
  • Constant voltage excitation
  • Programmable gain
    • 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, and 1024
    • Programmable on per-channel basis
  • Programmable AC/DC coupling
    • Active offset correction in AC mode
    • AC common mode up to ±30V
    • ±0.5% system accuracy
  • Programmable pre-sample filtering
    • 6-pole Butterworth pre-sample filter
    • 4 programmable cut-off frequencies


  • Flight test structural and dynamic measurements
  • Microphone/acoustic measurements
  • Strain gages, potentiometers, pressure transducers
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