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The MSCL-116A-1 is a sixteen (16) Channel Miniature Shunt Calibration Module designed to work with any signal conditioning module which interfaces to Wheatstone Bridge Gauges for use in units such as the Miniature Programmable Data Acquisition Unit – MPDAU-2000. Shunt Calibration is a technique for simulating strain in a Wheatstone bridge circuit by shunting one leg of the bridge. The resulting bridge output is useful for calibrating or scaling instrumentation. All Channels will assert Calibration simultaneously when CAL 2 is enabled on the overhead.

The MSCL-116A-1 can operate as an unaddressed unit; however, the unit will not show up in a system inventory. When given a proper Module Address, the MSCL-116A-1 will appear in a system inventory and will display a Resistor Report containing the values of the customer installed resistors. The customer can input the resistor values into TTCWare and store them in non-volatile memory on the MSCL-116A-1.


  • 16-Channel Shunt Calibration Module
  • Compatible with MEDAU, MCDAU, or MWDAU-20xx series Systems
  • Bifurcated Terminals for easy installation of Shunt Calibration Resistors
  • TTCWare Programmable Resistor Report – Inventory of customer installed shunt calibration resistors.
  • Operates as an unaddressed unit
  • Programmed with Included Windows Based Software


  • Shunt Calibration for Wheatstone Bridge Sensors
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Download Data Sheet