MBLT-101T PCM-to-Bluetooth Converter Module

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MBLT-101T PCM-to-Bluetooth Converter Module
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The MBLT-101T Bluetooth PCM-to-Bluetooth converter module forms part of Curtiss-Wright’s wireless line of miniature distributed data acquisition units.


  • Bluetooth wireless controller module
  • For use with a Curtiss-Wright Bluetooth remote PCM module
  • Requires an external antenna (ordered separately)


  • Remote wireless data collection
  • Remote wireless GPIO
  • Flight test measurements
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MBLT-101T PCM-to-Bluetooth Converter Module

The MBLT-101T Bluetooth PCM-to-Bluetooth converter module forms part of Curtiss-Wright’s wireless line of miniature distributed data acquisition units. The MBLT-101T module communicates with the BLT-101R Bluetooth Interface card via Bluetooth wireless communication to transmit PCM data. On power-up, the MBLT-101T will wait for a Bluetooth transparent connection to be requested by the BLT-101R. The MBLT-101T will then wait for one of two commands; one command indicates that the BLT- 101R is ready to receive PCM data; the other command indicates that terminal commands (configuration data) are going to be sent to the system overhead. The MBLT-101T will respond to the BLT-101R request, then enter the corresponding mode.

In Terminal mode, the MBLT-101T will act as an intermediary to transmit all system responses sent by the stack overhead and receive all TTCWare system commands from the BLT-101R. This mode will allow the user to load and verify files, changing data rates, bit rates, set up information, etc., for the system stack containing the MBLT-101T. By monitoring the BLT- 101R Status parameter through the MEI-105 RS-232 COM connection, the user will be informed when the system stack has entered Terminal mode; the system is now ready to receive system configuration commands. Upon completion of a load and verify all files, the MBLT-101T will be re-initialized and the Bluetooth link will be severed.

In Data mode the MBLT-101T receives PCM serial data from the MFDR- 105. The MBLT-101T will transmit this data via a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless link. In addition to transmitting PCM serial data, the module will monitor the Bluetooth link for loss of connection, loss of data, and Bluetooth mode switches (transparent communication lost). The established link will operate in “Transparent” mode, which is defined as a virtual serial-PCM to Bluetooth to PCM serial data output with no additional overhead or requirement for packetization of data. The PCM data transmits at a maximum rate of 400kHz.


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