MBSD-110 10 Mbps PCM Bit Synchronizer Module

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The MBSD-110 Bit Synchronizer Module provides full-featured clock reconstruction, data recovery, and code conversion in a form factor compatible with Curtiss-Wright’s MEDAU-2000, MCDAU-2000, and MARM product lines. The module processes PCM inputs at rates of up to 10 Mbps for NRZ codes and up to 5 Mbps for BiØ codes. Data input amplitudes from 0.1 to 5.0 Volts p-p are accepted. Module input impedance is programmable to 50Ω, 75Ω, or 10kΩ. TTL and RS-422 compatible PCM data and 0° clock outputs are provided to drive modules requiring serial data and clock inputs. A Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement capability with an in module test data simulator is also provided.


  • General purpose PCM bit synchronizer
  • Bit rates up to 10 Mbps, NRZ codes
  • Single-ended analog or RS-422 differential inputs
  • Analog input amplitudes from 0.1 to 5.0V p-p
  • Accepts all IRIG-106 PCM codes as input
  • Provides NRZ-L output data with coherent clock
  • Onboard Bit Error Rate detector and test data simulator
  • Includes clock sync indication
  • Multiple modules can be used within a single stack
  • Windows® compatible setup software included


  • Flight Test Instrumentation
  • System Integration
  • Convert any IRIG-106-01 Code to NRZ-L and Clock
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MBSD-110 10 Mbps PCM Bit Synchronizer Module

Download Data Sheet