METI-201G Miniature Ethernet Acquisition Module

Data Acquisition
METI-201G Miniature Ethernet Acquisition Module
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The METI-201G is a single-channel Ethernet acquisition module.


  • Single-channel 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet acquisition module which interfaces with the Ethernet in a promiscuous mode
  • Contains four independent filters for selecting specific Ethernet packet data from specific Ethernet frames for inclusion into the chassis’ Chapter 4 PCM output
  • Each filter can sort on up to three independent fields within an Ethernet frame to identify the frame for selected data
  • Filters can be independently programmed to include or exclude specific Ethernet frames from the module’s PCM outputs or all incoming frames can be included
  • Composite data output stream Class II PCM, similar to IRIG 106 Chapter 8
    • Two independently programmable onboard PCM outputs


  • CAIS applications
  • Distributed systems
  • Timestamping data
  • Ethernet bus monitor
  • Data selection from Ethernet frames
  • Filter sensitive Ethernet frames from PCM outputs
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METI-201G Miniature Ethernet Acquisition Module

The METI-201G is a member of the MEDAU/MCDAU/MWDAU/MnACQ-2000 product families. The METI-201G is a single-channel Ethernet acquisition module. The module accepts all standard Ethernet packet types. It will not accept jumbo frames or any Ethernet frames over 1522 Bytes. The METI-201G has four independently programmable Ethernet frame filters. Each filter can search the incoming Ethernet frames on up to three separately programmable fields to select specific Ethernetframes for data selection. The selected data is included into the chassis’ Chapter 4 PCM output.

Each of the four filters has a programmable buffer size that can store from 1 up to 256 entire selected Ethernet frames in internal frame buffers. The module has two independently programmable PCM composite output data channels that can be configured to include all incoming Ethernet traffic. These PCM outputs can also be configured to include or exclude Ethernet frames that match a specific filter’s search criteria. The PCM output channels create composite output streams of class II PCM data similar to the IRIG 106, Chapter 8 requirements.

The module can buffer more than 1024 entire Ethernet frames in its internal PCM output frame buffers.

Additional features

  • Receives all standard Ethernet frame up to 1522 bytes. Does not support jumbo frames or frames over 1522 bytes
  • Supports ARP and PAUSE protocols
  • ARP and PAUSE frames can be separately configured to be included or excluded from filter searches and the card’s PCM outputs
  • Bad Ethernet Packets can be programmed to be discarded or saved
  • Multiple modules may be placed within a single chassis

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