MWSR-100A Miniature Wideband CAIS Interface Module

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The MWSR-100A module is a high-speed overhead module for use in the MWDAU-20XX product family. The module enables the MWDAU to operate as a wideband, stand-alone data acquisition unit with maximum bit rates up to 20 Mbps. The system works with I/O modules that are compatible with high-speed operation. The -1 version can also simultaneously operate as a CAIS remote slave unit for CAIS programming, data selection and synchronization when the optional MCIF-105 module is installed.

The -1 and -2 versions can have their major frames synchronized to an external source from 20 Hz to 1 kHz. The -3 version can have its major frame synchronized to an external one pulse per second source.

Additional Features

  • The -1 version provides an interface to the optional MCIF-105 module for CAIS programming, system audit, calibration signals, simultaneous sample, and data selection from the MWSR-100A PCM output
  • Converted data formatted into multiple identical RS-422 serial outputs
  • PCM format operates in the following synchronization modes:
    • Asynchronous operation using an internal clock synthesizer
    • Synchronous operation to CAIS major frame (-1 version) or external pulse (all versions)
  • Fully supported by TTCWare programming and setup software


  • Operates as the PCM unit controller for a wideband acquisition unit operating at up to 20 Mbps
  • Contains non-volatile EEPROM format memory with programmable simultaneous sample, frame, bits per word, PCM code, and bit rate
  • Provides the fundamental system sampling rate up to 1.25 MSPS
  • Supports calibration, and system audit
  • RS232/422 interface port for format loading, programming, and data monitoring


  • Stand-alone data acquisition
  • Distributed systems
  • CAIS applications
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MWSR-100A Miniature Wideband CAIS Interface Module

Download Data Sheet