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The MFDR-101A is a master bus module for use in the MEDAU-2000 and MCDAU-2000 product families. The module provides two (2) adaptable pre-modulation filter outputs, each with independently programmable amplitude and offset. The MFDR-101A takes in the PCM data and clock from the MCDAU master unit (from modules such as the MMCI-105, MWCI-105, MWCI-120, and MPSO-102) and provides filtered PCM output(s) to the transmitter(s). The module is capable of filtering NRZL data at up to 5 MBPS (2.5 MBPS Bi-Phase) and driving a 50 Ohm load. Additionally, the MFDR-101A has eight (8) differentials and seven (7) single-ended digital output drivers. The 15 default functions present on these outputs may be re-mapped in software to any of the 15 drivers.


  • Master bus module
  • Adaptive Pre-Mod Filter Outputs (2)
    • Filter cutoff is set automatically
    • 5 Pole Bessel response
    • Programmable output offset and amplitude can be independently set on each channel
    • Operation to 5 MBPS NRZL
    • Output capable of driving a 50 Ohm load
  • Eight (8) differential output drivers
  • Seven (7) single-ended digital output drivers
  • Digital outputs are re-mappable in software 


  • Drive Telemetry Transmitter
  • Data Acquisition and Monitoring
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