TTC MNSW-503-2 3-Port Ethernet Network Tap

Data Acquisition
TTC MNSW-503-2 3-Port Ethernet Network Tap
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The TTC MNSW-503 is a three-port 100BASE-T Ethernet full-duplex switch module for use in the TTC MnDAU miniature networked product line.

Key Features

  • Three-port Ethernet network tap for Curtiss-Wright miniature networked products
  • Each port supports a 100BASE-T full-duplex Ethernet interface
  • Functions as an unmanaged switch that does not require a MAC or IP address
  • Consumes 1.52 W from the host stack
  • Compatible with Curtiss-Wright network acquisition and recording systems


  •  Ethernet-based networked data acquisition systems
  • Flight and ground-based test instrumentation
  • Avionics data acquisition
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TTC MNSW-503-2 3-Port Ethernet Network Tap

The MNSW-503-2 is based on Curtiss-Wright’s three-port 100BASE-T full-duplex Ethernet switch module for use in the miniature networked data acquisition product line. The MNSW-503-2 operates as an “Ethernet tap”, allowing packets to flow between two 100BASE-T Ethernet ports while sending copies of all incoming packets to a third 100BASE-T Ethernet port for monitoring.

The MNSW-503-2 ports J1 and J3 are used to connect between two Ethernet-based vehicle systems while the third port, J2, is used to connect to an Ethernet data acquisition unit, e.g., Curtiss-Wright’s MnENT-2000-1.

The MNSW-503-2 is an unmanaged switch and does not require a MAC or IP address. It derives +5-Volt power from the stack backplane. The stack is powered from an external 28-Volt source.