TTC MnACQ-2700

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The MnACQ-2700 is a dual gigabit (1000BASE-T) port miniature networked data acquisition and encoding unit that supports simultaneous bulk and selected data into multiple industry-standard formats.

It is compatible with most of the legacy miniature data acquisition (MnACQ) modules, allowing users to publish selected data into industry-standard formats such as DARv3, TmNS, and CH10 UDP at gigabit ethernet speeds. Alongside this is a secondary backplane allowing capture of bulk data from high-speed bus modules, published simultaneously with the selected data.

It consists of the MOVH-700 Overhead unit, an IEEE 1588 time and Ethernet Overhead module combined with a QorIQ dual-core ARM processor module, and as many as 31 legacy MnACQ signal conditioning/converter modules, and a single high-speed bus monitor module operating on the secondary backplane. For power, it uses a +28 VDC ±4 VDC power supply (versions available to deliver up to 230 Watts) and a supporting endplate.

The MnACQ-2700 handles an extremely wide range of sensors and transducers. This stacked arrangement of modules has a primary internal communication bus called the “R-Bus” (Remote Bus) that is used to transfer power, control, configuration, and data among the modules. The secondary internal communication bus uses PCI-E for communication to the high-speed data bus monitor units. Power supplies are available in configurations optimized to support a variety of combinations of modules.


  • Network-based data acquisition and encoding unit
  • Includes Dual Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) ports for:
    • Setup, control, and data transmission
    • SNMP status/control
    • IEEE 1588 PTP time sync and GM operation
  • Compatible with most legacy MnACQ cards
  • Multiple industry-standard formats support – DARv3, TmNS, C H10 UDP
  • Secondary backplane for inclusion of high-speed bus data modules
  • Simultaneous Bulk and Selected data publishing support
  • Plug-in modularity and expandability; accepts up to 31 plug-in signal conditioning/converter modules; able to condition most sensor/transducer types
  • Full TmNS compliance (IRIG 106 Chapters 21-26)


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Ethernet-based distributed network
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