MiTSPI nTTU-2600

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Curtiss-Wright’s nTTU-2600 is a network tactical time-space position information (TSPI) unit with an integrated recorder that is part of the MiTSPI product family. The unit provides user-defined TSPI information for both real-time telemetering via Ethernet and/or Chapter 4 PCM (Clock and Data), as well as simultaneous recording for data retrieval post-flight.

The nTTU-2600 is comprised of sub-systems/functional blocks for both acquisition and recording.
• MINS-600-1: Interface to external connections and source of all TSPI position information to be formatted for TM and recording.
• MREC-601-1: CompactFlash Express (CFexpress) high-speed recording module.
• MPPC-600-3: Processor module
• MACQ-600-1: Data acquisition module
• MPFM-461/MPSM-2005-3: Power filtering and power supply module

The nTTU-2600 can transmit real-time serial and Ethernet TSPI data at up to 20 Mbps. However, in almost all cases, the nominal rate is less than 2 Mbps based on the TSPI sensor data rates.

The MREC-601-1, miniature recorder module is used for recording the TSPI data provided from the MINS-600-1. The industrial-rated CFexpress memory card that is accessible through a sealed, hinged door on the front of the MREC. The MREC can be integrated into any MnACQ series data acquisition system via a dedicated high-speed (internal) connector that provides over 1 GB/s recording rate. 


  • Acquires & records precise TSPI data
    • Navigational, IMU, and GPS Data
  • Selectable data from the GPS and inertial sensor inputs are provided via the Chapter 4 output of the unit
    • Maximum of 20 Mbps
  • One 100Base-T Ethernet interface
    • MINS-600 egress rate is 1 Mb/s
  • Removable CFexpress recording media
  • Single Point Programming Interface
    • TTCWare, web Interface
  • Supports recording via Chapter 10
  • Automatic mode
  • Multiple recorder control methods including discrete input, recorder control


  • General flight test instrumentation
  • Fighter programs
  • Space constrained telepack missile applications
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