TTC RTAS-3000-1

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The RTAS-3000-1 is a general-purpose re-radiation (rad) system that receives and transmits missile telemetry from each of the missile bays on an aircraft. The RTAS receives standard telemetry transmission and retransmits on an alternate telemetry frequency band. The system is self-contained and mounted using environmental isolators. A re-rad ground support system (GSE) is available to verify the operation of the re-Rad RF link at the aircraft prior to the test mission, gathering pre-flight data and confirming the operation.


  • Four-channel re-rad system
  • Extended S-band RF input (2200 to 4940 MHz)
  • RF output (4 Watts minimum)
  • C band (4400 to 5190 MHz)
  • UHF uplink input
  • 4 UHF amplified outputs
  • Received to transmit data access points
  • RSSI and lock indicators
  • Multimode modulation (PCM/FM and SOQPSK)
  • IRIG-106 compliant
  • Optional antennas, cooling plate, and environmental isolation provided



  • Pre-flight checkout
  • Flight test
  • Range validation
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