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IADS RTStation is a complete real-time and post-test display and analysis software suite and is scalable from a laptop to a large workgroup through its client/server software architecture.

RTStation provides an interactive interface, which allows you to quickly customize displays, parameter definitions, analysis options, and test setup in a matter of seconds. You can then send these customizations to multiple monitors via multi-port graphics processors and other networked clients. Every data point is cached, allowing real-time scrollback through the time history. Derived equations can be added or modified as required for use throughout the system. The same features are available for real-time and posttest processing. RTStation’s ease of use, depth of display capability, and powerful analysis techniques can be used to save time and effort on any test program.

RTStation facilitates real-time mission analysis and monitoring as well as data playback. The same GUI is available for both real-time and post-test processing, supporting features such as ActiveX controls, derived parameters (formulas), and time/frequency-domain data analysis.

Key Features

  • Complete solution with real-time data processing, archiving, computation and display
  • Full IADS client capability including real-time audio and video
  • Interactive interface which allows custom data displays, parameter definitions, analysis options, and test setup
  • Connects to a wide range of data sources
  • Start wizard automation that supports XML, XidML, TMATS, and other metadata
  • Client/Server mode


  • Telemetry ground stations
  • On-board data display and analysis
  • Post-test analysis and playback
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