IADS Data Processing, Delivery and Archiving Software

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The IADS Server is the data processing, delivery, and archiving portion of the IADS software suite. It supports a wide range of data source interfaces and can serve hundreds of concurrent client connections. It can process hundreds of thousands of parameters with comprehensive data storage capabilities and real-time data recall for client scroll back. The IADS server software is flexible and supports both single system test programs and complex test programs with a large number of parameters and client displays.

The data sources supported include

  • Curtiss-Wright data acquisition systems
  • Curtiss-Wright PCIe, PCMCIA, and USB Decoms
  • Chapter 10 and Chapter 10 UDP
  • IADS Standard  Data Source Interface
  • Lumistar Decoms
  • L-3 Instrumentation Systems, MFT1000, MFT800 PCIe Decom and System 550 (Vista and System 6/7/8) Telemetry Processors
  • Smartronix Next and Omega 3000 Telemetry Processor
  • NetAcquire Telemetry Processor
  • Acroamatics Telemetry Processor


  • Complete end to end data acquisition and display system
  • Tuned for high-end performance
  • Scalable to any test program
  • Central control system interface
  • Connects to widely available telemetry systems
  • Designed for real-time environments
  • Immediate walk-away data, the full data set
  • Full status logging
  • Can run in multiple test environments
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IADS Data Processing, Delivery and Archiving Software

Download Data Sheet