Space Data Acquisition

Space Data Acquisition
Space Data Acquisition
Space Data Acquisition

Leverage COTS designs to meet mission assurance requirements more cost effectively

Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition, video, and transmission products combine the cost savings of commercial designs with innovative radiation-tolerant strategies to deliver trusted systems at up to 75% lower cost than custom designs. Reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) demands with custom modules that eliminate the need for separate avionics boxes and allow for efficient management of power budgets. Our space COTS and Smart Backplane products have been proven on multiple space applications, including EASA Vega-C, NASA Orion SLS & CRV, Boeing CST-100 Starliner, SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon, ESA IXV, ULA Delta V, and Rocketlab Electron.


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We've been a trusted supplier on a wide range of missions with leading space organizations around the world. We specialize in reducing costs, development time, and risk through a COTS approach that leverages an extensive library of proven IP and decades of rugged system design experience. Read more about our space solutions and proven success on a variety of launcher, sub-orbital, re-entry and International Space Station (ISS) applications.

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The Broadest Range of Solutions for Space Applications on the Market
Space COTS Data Acquisition
Combining COTS with a space-qualified approach can result in significant savings that can meet the needs of the mission.
Radiation-Tolerant Space Data Acquisition
Space COTS with a radiation-hardened backplane and specialized protection circuitry allows the use of COTS modules in a radiation-intensive environment without the typically high costs of fully radiation-hardened systems.

Radiation mitigation in space: A COTS approach

When it comes to space vehicle design, whether it is a launcher, a re-entry vehicle, or a satellite, the tolerance of onboard electronics to radiation effects becomes one of the most challenging aspects. As the risk of equipment failure due to the radiation effects increases with the altitude and flight duration, the tolerance to radiation effects becomes the crucial criteria for selecting the onboard equipment and sub-systems. Read our white paper to learn more about the COTS approach to radiation mitigation.

Successful Integration of a Launcher Video Telemetry System Using COTS Equipment

A launcher video telemetry system (LVTS) was required to provide the onboard live video telemetry.  The solution needed to meet a number of difficult challenges, including a harsh environment, a tight budget, short schedule, and the need for system flexibility.

Miniaturizing Space COTS for Small Launcher Applications

One trend in the global space market involves using smaller launchers to keep costs down and increase the frequency of launches. This creates a challenge for the development flight instrumentation (DFI) and operational flight instrumentation (OFI) as the same functionality is required, but the package must be smaller. This white paper discusses the need for, and challenge of, compact space COTS systems for modern space applications, in particular for small launcher applications.