Aiming and Stabilization Software

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Curtiss-Wright aiming and stabilization software enables commissioning, error handling, parameter handling, analysis, and maintenance operation. 

Tightly integrated, proprietary service software enables commissioning, performance measurements, parameter handling, analysis, and maintenance operation via a graphical user interface connected to the controller cards of the electromechanical drives. Each system component has specialized software available that has been developed based on customer feedback. The software enables a connection to the controller that the user can monitor and control. The converter box needed to connect the HC to the computer or portable device (e.g., tablet), and any necessary cables, is also provided.


  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Easy system setup
  • Easily analyze system status with BIT
  • Additional tools provide a system integration advantage
  • Version check
  • Software update
  • Measurement (monitoring) mode
  • Active motor control
  • Automated system characterization measurements and analysis
  • Maintenance and diagnostics
  • Built-in Test
  • Several analysis tools
  • Motor calibration
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Aiming and Stabilization Software

Download Data Sheet