Rapid Actuation Direct Drive System

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Our Rapid Actuation Direct Drive System (RADDS) enables weapons systems to fire and hit targets in the blink of an eye. The RADDs delivers the highest possible acceleration and speed while maintaining shot accuracy. This direct drive solution is ruggedized and weatherproofed to military standards such as MIL-STD-810, and provides position accuracy to less than 0.1° with extremely fast movements on the X and Y axes.

For intrinsic safety, our RADDS includes holding brakes and redundancy for all safety functions. The RADDS can be delivered in different sizes and designs to accommodate varying numbers of extremely fast-moving launchers and other mounted weapons.

  • Scalable design with flexibility in the following areas
    • Load capability
    • Performance and power interface
    • Gyro stabilization
  • Performance
    • Moved Load: ~132 lbs/~60 kg
    • Max. Applied Power: 180kW
    • Position Accuracy: <0.1°
    • Dynamic (both axes):
      • 90° sector jump < 90ms
      • 45° sector jump < 72ms
      • 22° sector jump < 22ms
  • Interfaces
    • Power: 700VDC (28VDC logic devices)
    • Control: Ethernet 100MB, RS-232, RS-485
    • Position: Double position information (safety)
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Rapid Actuation Direct Drive System

Download Data Sheet